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Friday, April 6, 2007

Tragedy With Pakistan

Every state or nation have its fall and rise and few came out as time passes by but few nation in world never want to be mature and always behave as growing up,Pakistan is one of them.Ayaz Amir is summing up in his beautiful column:
"PAKISTAN’S foremost problem almost since its birth has been incompetent leadership. Its people may not be without their share of talent but its leaders, with the exception of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, have been some of the biggest disasters the Third World has produced.

Bhutto was brilliant but his follies were brilliant too, no mediocre capable of digging the pit he did from which emerged that king of all things serpentine, General Ziaul Haq.

But if the requirements of statehood most of our leaders have not understood, in small things they have tended to be over-clever, over-reaching themselves in the process.

Bhutto thought he was being smart in picking Zia as army chief although six generals were senior to him. Zia was so humble, unctuous and eager to please that it seemed the smart thing to choose him. Bhutto was fooled and lived to rue his decision.

The Sharifs thought they were being smart when they picked Musharraf as army chief, assuming that a man without a native constituency (forgetting that the MQM too was a constituency) would be easy to handle. Anwar Kidwai of Mehran Bank (now dead) – the bank which funded a rich cast of political characters and also gave money to the ISI to fix the 1990 election – is said to have been the go-between who brought Musharraf and the Sharifs together.

Kidwai has been a permanent ambassador of sorts throughout Musharraf’s stay at the helm. The Sharifs of course must have long ruminated where they went wrong.

That Pakistan hasn’t gone under completely is a tribute to the toughness of its people. Otherwise, any other country with such Napoleons at its head would have invited the fate of Tito’s Yugoslavia or Lenin’s Soviet Union – their parts scattered to the four winds.

This set-up has been lucky. But incompetence and hubris (a fatal combination) have finally caught up with it, the Chief Justice case almost a textbook study in how to create a self-inflicted disaster.

From the televised picture of the Chief Justice sitting before a uniformed Musharraf, to the photo beamed worldwide of the Chief Justice held by the hair by a zealous guardian of the state (the identity of this hero still a mystery), everything seemed geared towards setting off a crisis. Musharraf has one now on his hands and he only has himself, or his close advisers, to blame.

He is not the man he was or was supposed to be. The air seems to have gone out of the performance of the characters around him. A few of his ministers continue to speak but not with the old assurance. The majority are strangely silent. Even fetching Sumaira Malik, high priestess of ‘enlightened moderation’ (the reigning mantra of which, sadly, we are not hearing much these days), seems to have slipped into the shadows. (Et tu, Cleopatra?)

Information Minister Mohammad Ali Durrani has lost some of his panache. Law Minister Wasi Zafar, never one for squeamishness, is learning some manners. What is the world coming to?"
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