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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Guru Gregg And His Eternal Controversies

Since Gregg Chappel took over as coach of India two years back he has been in controversies by and large.But,why?he seems find fault with everyone except he himself.What he has to do is manage just 11 boys of indian cricket team but he even failed to do so.Let us examine what he has done and said from when he took over as coach's chair.First he fired Gangulay because of saying he (gangulay) is bad to game as he is badly performing and his attitude is not upto the mark we can swollow this argument as some truth in it .Second thing he said that he want every player should play at any order ,player should be adjustable.Third thing he said he is preparing every player with world cup 2007 in mind.But what we achieved since then by reshuffling players he broke all players rhythm and mental stats as no body was sure when and what his role is.Chappel not been able to fix players on the top and we haven't seen any drastically improvents from his experiment.Why ?Because he failed to do one most important thing which is require is that develop side in cohesive unit.In one word he failed as maneging 11 boys and unable to motivate them as this two things is most important to do anyone who is coach.Lets look how he leak his email,sms etc to media about whats happening in team ,don't he know doing so he is indirectlt breaking team confidence and image as well.John Wright as cocah become succeful because he knows how to combined players who are from differnt background ,from different culture and past baggage as well.He motivated all of them because he understood everybody's strength and weakness and worked on each and every player as their temprament is.Not forced his views but went into their mind and motivate in which manner they wants thats very important as you can't say players are not behaving professionally and maturely while you are coach.You have to make them professinal as thats your job.Not creating excuses.Chappel become failure as coach no doubt about it and his way of funtioning is also looks more like politician than sportsman.He is stubbborn .He must go when he questioned Sachin's credibility .As Sachin is few of those great players who never went into controversies and played without any ego clash.Questioning Sachin's integreity is blunder what Chappel has done.He don't know what he talking about.He must go.........

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