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Monday, February 5, 2007

Thoughtprovking Documentary

Watch it .Here.

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Hen Or Egg?

One Hen and Goat were talking..
Hen: See,I made whole human man kind fool.
Hen:See,they say they conquered whole Universe even reached at Mars.
Hen:but,still unable to know who come first?Egg or Me?
Goat:maybe they are not interested in you.
Hen:you fool,they avoid me because they feel embarrassed in front of me.
Goat:Should I guess it?I think,Egg come first.
Hen:smile,but why do you think so?
Goat:because without egg you could not exist .
Hen:you fool,but how egg could come into existence while I am not there..
Hen:See,my logic,nothing could happen on this earth without copulation it seems first.
Hen:before egg there must be two hen who done so something then egg would come into existence.
Hen:so either two of our ancestor must be always there who produced egg or egg like other planet come from earth itself.
Goat:are you trying to say all of or most of species come from earth itself?Or there is always some beings remained after every disaster on earth and they again produce same thing ...
Hen:Well,ya that's the nearest possible way to think because in reality me myself don know who come first?

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