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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Beauty Of Balance

See the how a small girl run over the ring as magician performing his tricks it lit my eyes.Check it.

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Grasshopper And His Games

Amazing Minuscule series video.See it

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Fun Of Discovering Body Angle

There is lot of books in market over sex postures,techniques,pictures with full of unimaginable postures in our ownKamsutratoo ,but, in reality ,is these things help us when we had copulation?
Khuswant Singh who categorically derided over books like Kamsutra says....
"Sex is an elemental life-force.Every normal male and female feels its upsurge
with the onset of adolescence .They do not get it from books but from experience
of how bodies respond to each other.It is the richest sensation in our lives.Most
people also discover that illicit relation is more enjoyable than marriage .Marriage
makes sex life monotonous.Erotic pictures provoke.Text takes the fun out of them"

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