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Friday, December 22, 2006


What you do, when you have some creative or tough task ahead to do?Switch to music?Switch to fun movies?,Or Go to long drives in late night?Most of the people do these things .But if you need sharp focus,you are better off scared.
A group of canadian researchers looking into how moods affect our mental process found that a good mood appears to enhance your ability to think laterally,or outside the box.Conversely,they suspect that the tunnel vision associated with fear and anxiety can be asset when it comes to tasks requiring close attention to detail.
Mood affects the way we process information,researchers said.We(resear) think the underlying mechanism is selection,the way in which we filter information.To test his theory,they studied how a group of 24 students fared on two tasks-one a creative problem requiring unusal word association and the other a visual task that required the volunteers to ignore distracting information.For a neutral mood,the researchers recited a list of facts and statistics about Canada.On the word association or problem- solving task,a self rated positive mood improved performance,but it impaired performance on the visual test,with individual,in happy state more easily distracted by peripheral eyes than those in a sad state.When people are in the good mood,they tend to have a very open filter,which foster a global or intuitive type of thinking as toldby researchers.But it could be counter productive in situations that demand a laser-like focus.Researchers said that different moods enhance performance in different ways and intense concentration may not be the best tool for problem-solving.

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