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Friday, December 15, 2006

A,B,C of Shooting flying Pigeon (Series-2)

"Pigeon can see exceptionally well,especially movement,and they can change direction in flight very quickly.Your pigeon hide should be about chest high so that you can sit in it while you are waiting for the birds,and can stand up and swinge the gun freely.An oil drum is very suitable for sitting on and is much firmer than shooting a stick if you want to take a shot while sitting",said grandfather.
If u see the jink in time,and can stop the shot,you should drop the butt off your cheek and a few inches down from your shoulder,push the muzzles over through the pigeon and bring up the gun again to shoot.Under certain conditions it is easier to shoot pigeon without them seeing u first;thus,in a strong wind they keep low,only a few feet off the ground,and you can then more easily watch them through the hide and swinge the gun quickly over the top when they come into range,than when they fly higher and see you in the hide almost before they are shootable.
Also,if you have a low sun behind you the pigeon will not see you so easily as they come in to decoys and you can shoot them.
Shooting pigeon as they come in to roost in a wood can be good sport.A hide is not necessary and the shooter should stand with his back to a tree and concentrate on the sky in front and above him and not try to look round in all directions,concluded grandfather.

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