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Monday, December 18, 2006

Magic of Waiting

I used to be mad for listening stories in my childhood and now passionate about books which gives insight in human nature and life as whole, but ,words coming through my grandfather 's mouth were altogether different experience.
I am retelling one of them here,One great Zen master was a carpenter,and whenever he made tables,chairs,somehow they had some ineffable quality in them,a tremendous magnetism.
He was asked,"How do you make them"?.He said,"I dont make them.I simply go to the forest.. the basic thing is to inquire of the trees in the forest which tree is ready to become a chair ."
Now these things look absurd-because we dont know the language.For three days he would remain in the forest.He would sit under one tree,under another tree,and he would talk to the trees-and he was a mad man!But a tree is to be judged by its fruit,and this master also has to be judged by his creation.A few of his chairs still survive in China- they still carry a magnetism.You will simply be attracted;you will not know what is pulling you.After a thousand years something tremendously beautiful remains!
He said,"I go and say I say that I am in search of a tree who wants to become a chair.I ask the trees if they are willing,not only willing but cooperating with me,ready to go with me-only then.Sometimes it happens that no tree is ready to become a chair-I come empty-handed."
It happened that the emperor of China asked him to make a stand for his books.He went and after three days he said,"Wait-no tree is ready to come to the palace."
After three months the emperor again inquired.The carpenter said,"I have been going continuously.I am persuading.Wait-one tree seems to be leaning a little bit.Then he persuaded that tree."
He said," The whole art is there! When the tree comes of its own accord she is simply asking the help of the carpenter."
If you are loving you will see that the whole existence has individuality.Dont pull and push things.Watch;communicate;take their help-and much energy will be preserved.

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