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Saturday, December 23, 2006


In modern times, we,youth getting suffocated or getting confused because we have millions of options,rapidally growing technologies,uncontroled,infinite information,thousands channels to watch,mushrooming spritiual gurus,conslultant on almost everything.One religion teaches one thing;another,another thing.So,we are simply confused,we cannot find our own heart,from where the intrinsic,the natural,the spontaneous guide comes.The more we taught ,the more confused we have become.
Sometimes,I think,whether so much information,laws,rules,discipline has developed us or just making us..... ?
There must be time when there were no rulers everything was beautiful;when there was no law there was no crime,and when there was no wise man there were no fools.Things moved in their cosmic beauty.Then entered the rulers;they said rules are needed.With rules entered misrule,because the opposite is alwayes there.Then came wise man and they said man must be disciplined.And then man become rebellious and everything went wrong.Then laws came,and more laws,and man become more and more criminal.(Lao).
But,I think,if we listen our own heart,there will be no need for any discipline.But because we cannot listen to our heart we have to listen many advicers,gurus,manipulators who say ,DO THIS!and DON'T DO THIS!.

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