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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Sound of drinking and Coca-Cola

Why Coca-cola adds comprising just the noise of a bottle of Coke being opened,the fizz of the drink and the sound of the drinking?
"Mirror neurons,known to exist in humans and in macaque monkeys, activate when an action is observed and also when it is performed".Now new research reveals that there are mirror neurons in humans that fire when sounds are heard.In other words,if you hear the noise someone eating an apple,some of the same neurons fire as when you eat the apple yourself.
From combining data researchers found that activity in the brain overlaps as said byChristian Keysers.Motor neurons associated with mouth actions(crunching)and hand actions(ripping) were activated in bothe cases.
"The mirror system is a particular form of Pavlovian association",says Keysers,referring to the classic behavioural experiments where dogs were trained to associate food with noise bell.Each time you crunch a potato chip you hear yourself crunching the chip,and when you hear someone else crunching it activates your own actions neurons.This same logic used by Coca-cola Company.

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