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Saturday, February 3, 2007

No,I 'm Different

Million times we hear such kind of phrase or conversation that I 'm not like that,I'm different man.Well,craving for differ is common among every man or woman whether youth or child or old man.But,why?Do we hate uniformly being seen as common because that somehow show that we are possessed with lower IQ ,it creates inferiority complex in our self?We human beings are born with the thought that we are imperfect so we have to make our life as perfect as long as we live and it could be get if we try to be different or distinct in whatever we do?Getting excellence is what the motive of our life,it seems,or as told by seer and sage.But,still,I 'm unsure of that logic.I think,craving for difference or excellence is directly proportional to our own nature ,what we got from our birth as we see every body is different in his own way.So when we say that I don't like that or I am different ,we are following consciously or subconsciouslywhat we got from self which is amalgamation of our true nature ,so that given nature, drive us to that particular activity and in reality we say that I 'm doing this thing or that thing because I 'm different but truth is we are just following our nature which is distinct itself...

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Selling Space On Her Stomach

Here is one pregnant women who offered her stomach for displaying adds for nine months.Truly enthralling idea of advertising..Check out.

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Mistaken Miss

In a public rally somewhere in Hindi belt of India where Sonia Gandhi have to deliver speech.
His Secretary---Madam,just talk to point and speak only those things which underlines in red.
Sonia Gandhi---ok.
His secretary---Madam,be aware this is politically shrewd population.
Sonia Gandhi----Bhaio aur Behano(brothers &Sisters),I will eat beef in morning breakfast,in lunch I will eat cow's sweetly meet and in dinner I will eat ......
People---Hey,kill her,kill her,she is disdainful to our belief and religion,kill her....They start running...
Sonia Gandhi---did not understand why these people are getting angry as she checked she was reading same underline red Hindi words written in English words.
His secretary---run towards him and snatched the paper and found Miss .Gandhi by default brought wrong notebook of her cook's .

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Desire To Be Disabled

This is the new phenomena where people like Susan Smith want to lose limb.Here .

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