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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Is Our Life Conditioned?

Sometimes as I awake every morning, train of thought run as faster as lion run behind deer..I wonder,how our life are so conditioned?As Sun rises,entire earth rise by and large.Our actions,reactions,emotions all seems conditioned.Very few things,in reality,we could control,it seems to me.Are we conditioned our life by clock?Or,Has these fixed hours of sleeping,work,recreations and feeding comes natural to us?Or ,Our civilization has been forcing us to take these fixed habits?I'm in two mind but I thought lets research,observe and read its origin.
I found,these fixed conditioning is also common among animals....(Different Take On Life)
Similar arrangements or conditioning are found in animals.For instance,Mosquitoes in equatorial Africa bite in seeming obedience to a time scale inherent in those insects.The biting time is generally restricted to period of 30 minutes or so every 24hours.Even more remarkable is the fact that the biting period varies according to the particular type of mosquito.Some bite at dawn,others at midnight and others as just night falls.Similarly with Honeybees;the workers stay in the hive until the exact time of day when their favourite flower are just opening with a new supply of nectar.As the summer advances,the bees adjust their sense of time to the particular plants in bloom.This sense of time is also possessed by the oyster.Oyster regulate the opening and shutting of their shells according to the times of tide ebbing and flowing over the beds where they were born and pass their lives.But if live oyster are moved to a marine laboratory hundreds of miles from their home,they continue to open and shut their shells according to the times of tide in their home water..
As Indian scripters says our life is divided roughly in 4 parts for different work at fixed times.We start doing it without any persuasion for example when we have first child we start sacrificing for child while few years back I use to be stubborn so sacrifice comes as child comes he broke my stubbornness ,is it what?How I accepted defeat from my child everyday?Is it conditioned?Well,I may conclude there is 80% of things are conditioned and these things happens as their time come we change dramatically as somebody pushing us from inside..

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How to Solve Problem?

Teacher went to Bunty and Chintu's house for giving tuition..
Teacher---Tell me,how to solve the problems like cast,creed,discrimination etc.?.
Bunty--I think,we should follow Gandhiji and his non-violent thoughts and other principals..
Chintu----I think we should always search for root cause of problem.
Teacher--What do u mean ,chintu?
Chintu--Stand from his place went towards teacher,slapppp ! hard and run away...

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