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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A Beautiful Man

Living life positively is good for everybody especially who are infected with disease uncurable like Danny.As TOI reports:
"Danny West (46) is a positive man in more ways than one. Living with HIV for the past 22 years, Danny was invited by a Pune pharmaceutical company to interact and inspire positive people at their care and support centre, Taal, at Nana Peth. A qualified social worker living in the UK, Danny has been working in the field of HIV/AIDS by providing training and education to people living with the disease through his organisation Realising Your Life. According to Danny, positive people need to face the challenge posed by the virus by first empowering themselves. "It is important for us to be informed and educated about the virus. Thus empowered, we take on our relationships, families and work with a positive approach,"he said. "It is only when we are properly informed and begin to take decisions for ourselves that we can become leaders,"said Danny.

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I Will Love You More After Your Death

Jacky and Macky went for sightseeing.
Jacky:Why we went or other people went for seeing things which are no more,like Old Macebaras,Forts,dead leaders crematorium ground.
Macky:Because they were important people and have done great things in their living time.
Jacky:But,I don't agree with you.See,we go for those things which we or past people were not able to reach when they were alive like Hitler because fear of death .
Macky:Not true.
Jacky:Then maybe.We didn't recognized few peoples brilliance when they were alive so when they died we feel embarrassed for our narrow thinking thats why we make up later by going their birth place or crematorium.Isn't?
Macky:Bit true but not wholly,Because we love to live in past and when things are not in front of you love it and remember it more thanwhen theywere really alive.Sounds stupid but that I felt..
Jacky:bought one knife and killed him immediately laughing I will love you more after your death.

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