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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Do animals have intelligence?(part-2)

Behaviour pattern fall into two categories; those that are inbred like any other physical attribute and those that are acquired.Instinctive behaviour and trial and error learning are considered in the discussion on monkey behaviour which I will talk on later paragraph.Even the slight movements made by animals,such as pricking the ears,are parts of behaviour.
Althought the great apes are so inelligent a great deal of their behaviour is still instinctive.For example, they live in groups not because they have worked out intelligently that this is the best thing for them to do,but because instinctively they are attracted towards each others of their own kind.Animals which behave in this way are said to have strong social instincts.
"Monkeys are also social animals and usually live in quite large troops.Within each troop every monkey knows its own place.To some of its neighbour it must show respect,for they wil have proved,either by bluff or by fighting that they are the fierce and stronger,whilest it can treat others with much less cermony.Old world monkeys are friendly towards each other,when they meet each wil rapidly and repeatedly smack its lips together.This is a friendly signal and can compare with human smile."
So,we are more intelligent than our clost non human relations,but the difference is much smaller than we often like to think.

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