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Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I am now on day two of being home sick and I have decided to put the following sign in my window: NOW HIRING ONE (1) MOM-FOR-RENT Duties include, but are not limited to: Fluffing pillows, keeping the remote within my distance, making hot chocolate and soup, doing the laundry, the dishes, tidying up anything that needs to be tidied, and just making me feel better by not letting me do anything.
It's hard being sick when you are the mom; I want a Mom-For-Rent. Today as I was lying on what felt like my death bed with a fever, chills, headache, sore throat, and all over aches and pains, my son's school called and said he had the same thing and could I please drag my sick self down to the school to come pick him up. I offered her $50 to keep him, but she politely declined. I should have upped my offer. Note to self, next time offer more money.

So, looking worse than a mud fence after a rain and feeling worse than I looked, I crawled to my car and picked up my son. Luckily for me, all he wanted to do was sleep, which made it quite convenient for me to be sick and not have to move. As I was lying on the couch being miserable, I realized that the remote control was about six inches out of my reach. That was terrible. I couldn't move and didn't have the energy to reach six more inches. I had my cell phone but was pretty sure no one I called would drive to my house to move my remote the six inches that was needed to reach my hand. It was at that very second that the phrase "Mom-For-Rent" flashed in my mind. I bet someone could make a killing doing that. All she would have to do is take care of a mom when a mom is sick. Sometimes I am such a genius that I even amaze myself.

My son woke up a few hours later and wanted some toast. I looked at him and thought, "There is no way I am getting off this couch to make you some toast," and I thought that all the way to the kitchen, while standing the toaster waiting for his toast, and again as I was cutting his toast into little bite sized pieces like he likes. I was also thinking this as I made him a cup of hot chocolate to go with his toast that was buttered and cut into bite size pieces. Even moving to the kitchen hurt and I wanted someone else, anyone else, to make his toast and hot chocolate for him, and maybe make me some too.

I am cutting this short as I really do feel awful and just got up to get some aspirin for my aches and pains. It would have been so nice to have someone get that aspirin for me. Maybe a Boyfriend-For-Rent would be nice too, but then again, I would never get the remote from him and the constant flipping of the channels would drive me crazy. Plus, I would probably have to clean up after him, so that might defeat the purpose. Hummm. So, I am sticking with the Mom-For-Rent and if anyone decides to follow up with this idea, give me a call. (c)2007 Cindy Breninger All Rights Reserved.

by Cindy Breninger

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Where Is Origin Of Superstitious Beliefs

I'm curious about the origin of superstitious beliefs. Some are ancient, others more recent, and still others may be family orientated. My mother's father was adament that when you move, you don't take your broom with you. Her mother, on the other hand, did not share this belief. She reasoned, the only bad luck was that you didn't have a broom to use at your new house.
My father moved recently. We forgot to take the broom or I put it some place. In any event, I had to buy him a new one. I was at the grocery store picking up other items for him and decided to get him a new broom. Evidently, the bar code on the "plastic" wrapper was wrinkled or running the wrong way to be scanned. So, the "checker" picked it up, I said, "Watch the handle," but she proceeded to goose the woman at the check stand behind her. I know this because instead of hearing the "scanner" beep, I heard the woman in the other isle exclaim, "Woo!" in a high-pitched squeal. Followed by laughter from others in line. Who knows, maybe my grandfather had a point.

I have a thing about the number 13. My cousin was quick to point out that Friday the 13th is a lucky day for people who are paid twice a month. Now, that's something to think about.

My aunt wouldn't cook spaghetti until everyone was home. On a couple of occasions when she did, there was some sort of family emergency. My cousin has the same thing with Sloppy Joes.

There's an old belief that you stir batter in the same direction, otherwise it won't turn out right -- your pancakes won't be fluffy, your cake will fall, etc.

I have a friend who won't tell you about a disturbing dream she had until after she had her breakfast. She doesn't want the dream to come true.

Many people in the South eat black-eyed peas, hog jowl, and turnip greens on New Year's Day. They won't eat anything with a claw because it'll "scratch back" the old year. What if it was an excedptionally good year? Maybe you just don't tempt fate.

Sports figures don't change/wash an article of clothing during a winning season.

Theatre people have them, too. You've heard the expression, "Break a leg." This may have been adopted by others who don't want to be jinxed by being wish, "Good Luck!"

Well, we'll continue to wish upon a falling star, avoid walking under ladders, opening an umbrella in the house, and knocking on wood to avoid bad luck. We'll also continue to create new ones that may be unique only to us and to our family.

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