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Thursday, March 15, 2007

In Search Of Immortality ,Hanuman Way

It is still mystery that if we can live immortal .In indian mythological description where we had heared about sanjivani booti which can cure death brought by Hanuman for saving life of Laxman.Now scientist are going to research on DNA of Sanjivani Booti:
"Indian mythology's most famous medicinal herb, Sanjivani booti, is now being studied by scientists for its most gifted quality, being able to survive even without water. The booti, that finds mention in the Ramayana for resurrecting Laxman, does not die, even without water. It just curls up and loses colour, becoming brown in the absence of moisture. It, however, regains its original green colour within hours of coming in contact with water. Unable to pinpoint what helped this four-inch fern to stay alive for the last 300 million years, scientists from the National Botanical Research Institute (NBRI) have embarked on a five-year programme to actually identify the gene responsible for the plant's drought tolerance property. The five-member research team, led by senior scientist P V Khare, hopes to inject the same gene into the country's food crops to make them naturally resistant against famine, drought and snow. Found in many parts of the country, the plant is exhaustively used by tribals to treat heat stroke, jaundice and menstrual irregularities. More.

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Google is also trying to cash in on the cricket fever that has gripped the whole world. It is however very unlikely that you will get to watch live video of World Cup cricket matches on Google Video or Youtube since Indya is the official online partner.

» Google today launched an official Cricket Blog authored by veteran cricket star Kris Srikkanth. [Another legend, Sunil Gavaskar is already doing Cricket podcasts for Yahoo!]

» If you are writing a cricket blog on Blogger, share you blog with Google and the winner will be on TV with Kris Srikkanth - Google Cricket Blog Contest.

» Google has released new cricket gadgets for Google Desktop users that allows them to get the latest news / cricket scores / match video recordings right in their desktop sidebars.

Cricket Scores - This displays the live scores of current cricket matches on your desktop. You can also view the full detailed scorecards for a match and also check the world cup 2007 cricket schedule.

Cricket Videos - The widget fetches the latest World Cup Cricket videos from and plays them on your desktop.

Cricket Images and News - Displays the latest cricket news headlines and pictures related to cricket as a slideshow on your desktop. For

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Puri Sabzi And Chole Bhature(Food Watch)

In India this dishes is almost common for eating almost in every household.Go walking in morning whether in sharp galis in Banaras where people spent their morning on roadside shop for breakfast for hot puri and sabzi or in delhi chole bhature as spicy as you can imagine picture is same they love it.Well,here we are going to watch how much calories these foods carries:
"Chhole bhature
450 calories (17.5 grams fat) = Mopping floors for 91 minutes
Though the calorie content for chhole bhature and puri bhaji is almost the same, the difference lies mainly in their fat content.
Pulses (chhole) can be a good source of protein if combined with wheat or rice. Being a complex carbohydrate, it is a good source of fibre too; in fact, eating just one serving can be quite filling.
The source of high fat in this recipe is the fried bhatura. Chhole by itself is not fattening and can be eaten even by dieters. Weight watchers can substitute whole wheat rotis, rice or even bread for the bhatura. Puri (4 pieces) bhaji (potato-based)
450 calories (20 grams fat) = Mopping floors for 91 minutes
The overall value of this food differs from chhole bhature when it comes to the fat content, which in this case is higher by a few grams.
Nutrition-wise too, chhole is a better choice, as it provides protein and fibre, both of which are lacking in potatoes.
What's more, potatoes do not have the satiety value of chhole -- you may end up taking more than one serving and still not feel full enough.More Food Watch.

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