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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Hitler On Road

Millions would love a chance to wipe their feet on Adolf Hitler and now it looks like they could have the chance with this 'Hitler rug' .

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Whispering Owls

At the midnight,two owls were singing,dancing,running,playing...
Ist Owl:Don't you think we make lot of human beings uncomfortable by singing,dancing in night as they were fast asleep.
2ndOwl:But don't they too make alot of problems for us when we sleep at day,they create lot of noise by their cars,chatting,laughing,singing,fighting.
Ist Owl:but we should care a bit and show concern for them because they are the beloved son of god.
2ndOwl:I don't think so,we all are son of god with different charatersitic,that's it,they are not better nor we are bad,ok,so they too show some concern for us.
Ist Owl:lets start first,maybe if we start doing less noise in night they would respond.
2nd Owl:Humm.
Ist Owl:Ok from now ahead of this week,we will not make any sound and they(Man)will sleep peacfully.
2nd Owl:OK.
As week progress there were no noise from their side.But one interesting thing happened in neighbourhood,there lived a couple .After 4,5days passed women and her children came and said to her husband and father,we are getting irritated as we are unable to sleep.Man asked,"why?"
As we were used to listen owls song,call every night and now it seems they disappeared because we did not hear there voice since 5 days and we are not getting sound sleep since 5 days.
After hearing this both owls smiled at each other...And they too were itching,missing for chatting,dance,song in night.So from next they backed to their business laughing...

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