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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Do animals have intelligence?(Part-1)

I wonder and ponder over the question about, that is, do animals have intelligence?From the research,study and observation,it is difficult to define animal's action,however ,we can say most of them are instinctive but a few species also show a fair degree of intelligence.
Intelligent behaviour also depends upon stored facts,and therefore upon learning,but it enables animals which possess it to solve much more difficult problem like Mammals,Chimpanzees etc.When young chimps are playing,they learn about the world around them and unconsciously store away facts which may come in useful later.For example,if they have the chance to play with sticks they will learn that a stick can be used to help them reach farther.This information may not be used for a long time, but is stored in the brain untill needed.Later if the Chimpanzee is shown some food beyond the bars of its cage which it cant reach,it will immediately use a stick to drag the food towards it. Similarly,Chimpanzee which are allowed to play with large boxes soon learn that by standing on box they become taller.Later they can put this knowledge to good use and will even pile up several boxes to make plateform from which they can reach food hung high above their heads.
P.S. In next part, I will conclude.

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