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Friday, April 20, 2007

Most Amazing Videos

Check This one.

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Budddhist Monk TurnTo Streetfighter

Two opposing groups of Buddhist monks engaged in a street fist fight on Friday, during a protest in Cambodia to demand religious freedom for their fellow monks living in southern Vietnam.

Lim Yuth, a 23-year-old monk, suffered a cut on his left eyebrow during the brawl, but it was not immediately clear what caused the injury.

Lim Yuth was among some 50 monks who marched through Cambodia's capital, Phnom Penh, to voice their grievances over alleged mistreatment by Hanoi authorities against Cambodian Buddhist monks in southern Vietnam.

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On Balance Of Life And Work

Are you: * A small business owner, entrepreneur, self-employed?
* Being pulled in all directions at once?
* Finding it hard to devote time to something other than work?
* Feeling pressured into working harder and more often just to get by?
* Sick of being defined by what you do rather than who you are?
* Wanting to spend more time doing the things you like instead of doing the things you feel you must do but can’t seem to find a way?
* Fed up of spending your life working and not having any ‘YOU’ time?
* Seeing your health start to suffer as a result of your work life?
* Constantly dreading Mondays and wishing for the weekends?
* Annoyed that success seems to come at the sacrifice of your personal life?
* Longing for a more balanced, less stressful life?

You probably already notice what’s happening to you as a result of your hectic lifestyle.

Or maybe you don’t.

In the back of your mind, you do know what will happen.

Sooner or later, that kind of lifestyle is going to take its toll.

You know you should make time for yourself and your life but there just don’t seem to be enough hours in the day.

And it’s so easy to just get sucked right into the ‘chaos’ that is your working life.

After all, the business won’t run itself now will it?

Of course not, but there is no need to work until you drop at the sacrifice of your personal life.

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Why Do Men Scratch In Public?

Q. Why do men scratch themselves in public.

A. Because it’s impolite to scratch other people.

A friend insisted I post on this subject because a man she happened to meet somewhere kept scratching his balls in public. For some reason, she found this objectionable, and felt that I should write a post advising men against such behaviour if they want to impress women. My response: If you give men a choice between scratching themselves and impressing women, they will scratch. Some things are non-negotiable. Deal with it, dude.

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Mind And Fish

Swimming fishes were talking ,see, how our life is made of,just swim and swim day and night ,indeed day and night are not made for us as we dimly know when it happens below or under the sea.See that fisherman how he is enjoying his life with great mind he can imagine,think,read,write,fantasies,could do conspiracy etc while we have to just swim with our delicate body.We don't know what is the meaning of mind as we don't have one.As one day two fish were swimming at that time same fisherman came for catching fish.Those two fishes decided let him catch us in that way we would get rid of this dark and steamy life of sea and we would able to see what man has created outside the sea.It will be great experience,nodded another fish.
In the house of fisherman.
Both fish were still alive as that fisherman kept them into water jar .When both fish opened their eyes ,they felt suffocated as both were habitual of taking long swim walk after sleep.But still fish were happy they are able to see the world and infinite invention of man.
But after few days they become really started condemning their decision when they found what human mind can do to world and what it have done so far,everywhere,lie,deception,greed,hunger,fight over nothing,no heart or feeling exist anymore.In hindsight they thought its great that both have no mind at least they could swim and enjoy it fully without thinking of it consequences as they have no mind to ponder over innumerable things.
Fisherman's child who use to play around fish, one day took them and go away for playing at the bank of sea and meantime both fish fled away into sea and they again started swimming as they do earlier.Laughing....

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