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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Novel With Novelty

Anita Sethi in her post write about "HOWNOT TO WRITE A NOVEL"...Here.

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Just Joking!!!!!!!!!

One reporter taking interview with Bush.
Reporter-Sir,It seems,this year,you would be out of power.
Reporter--So,what will you do after going out of POWER?.
Bush--Very Simple,light Candles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Russian President Putin was guest on the eve of 58th Republic day of India.
Putin--Why,you people do such a tiresome activity every year on the eve of Republic day,showing all missiles.showing army of parades etc.
Indian Reporter--Sir,we want to show the world,see ,how awesome and stronger we become so
do fear now with India.
Putin--But you people don't need to do this as I sense it when I see your (40kg)prime minister
Manmohan Singh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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