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Friday, January 26, 2007


As word "Politics" came out from our mouth ,few things immediately came into mind,like manipulation,conspiracy,crookedness all these and more.But when SocratesPluto,Aristotle who collectively by and large given this term called politics themselves said "No system or vision could work for million years because every law or vision came from seeing things in certain parameters,region,culture,needs,conflict and these things changes as human civilization progress"..Well,I am talking from India's point of view where corruption become rampant in every sphere of life,politics is at the top so the simple logic is we should show "will" to change things in proper way in present context..As A.P.J.Abdul Kalam said on 58th Republic day of India
"President dwelt upon the theme,"What can I do to my nation?"and said that a prosperous
India was possible even before 2020 if it performed on integrated way with
developmental politics as the focus,in a mission mode and with a transparency.
There are many more important tasks like making education accessible to every citizen
uplifting citizens below the poverty line through a focused mission and accelerating
agriculture reforms.In the same way,there can be a movement in judiciary for time
bound clearance of pending cases in district courts within the next three years.Judiciary
and bar should ensure that the common citizen gets speedy justice.The police stations
should be electronically be connected and they should empower with better quality of life
,like proper housing,medical cover and children's education.He also called for proper
representation of women in all decision making institution like Panchyat System."

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