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Saturday, February 10, 2007

One Night In Jodhpur

As train was running, in dark night, as ghost behind her to catch the speed of train,my mind was jumping from one place to another for planning adventurous tour of Jodhpur .
Suddenly,one drunken man(Hirachand) came from now where and start shouting as somebody has snacthed his wine bottle..He said" See,maybe ,You people would think I 'm drunk so I cant speak but in reality I 'm more conscious than you people.I 'm going to tell you story if anybody able to answer or find out the meaning or message of story I will let you live in OMER PALACE like king in Jodhpur for one week."I laughed at him and others too,I thought ,he must have drunken alot otherwise how could he talk like that......
Drunken Man:Listen,carefully,Once upon a time here in Jodhpur lived two Jain businessman and one Saint.Saint was very famous for his blessing whoever he had given his blessing he become rich man and become successful in life and those two businessmn were too blessed by him..
There relation goes back to 20 years back when once saint was walking for foods in morning he saw two three years child in the lap of Lioness.Saint asked the story of how two boys came in her lap and how she is protecting these two child instead of eating it.....
Lioness said,"this story is 200 years old,when these two child were son of King of Jodhpur."
Once Rajkumar Kaushal and Kaval went for poaching,whole day they did not find any animal to kill and that time if king or his son came empty hand then they had mocked at kingdom as weak warrior..So,when ,both had going back to Jodhpur ,on way back they found 80 years old women on bed as she seems to,will die soon,so they decided,lets kill her at least we have to show something..
As they reached their kingdom and tried to show what they got,suddenly the King Bhimrav become as angry as someone killed him..Their son did not understand whats the matter,so they asked,father ,why are you angry,we killed the women who was dying...
Then Bhimrav said"That women was my mother who lived in exile from 30 years because I had done one sin.".What sin?
Bhimrav:I was saint in my last birth,as I was very kind and forgiving so I accept everybody in my every day morning rituals,once ,one drunken man came and asked my permission for admitting him in my rituals..But,later,I knew,he has killed his own mother on the dispute of drinking wine..So one saint gave me bad wish that I would deprived of my mother's love and will my children live like orphan for 200 years..
But,why ,that Saint did not gave bad wish for that drunken man who really did sin?
Hirachand(drunken man who was telling us story asked )could anybody tell the answer?

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