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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Albert Einstein And An Idiot Man

I thought,seeing in mirror,that,Albert Einstien has some qualities which I will not have,cannot have.But the body of idiot like me and the body of the genius like Einstien are the same at the surface level.Nobody will be able to know by dissecting the body whether it belonged to a genius or it belonged to an idiot ,or it belonged to a mystic man or it belonged to somebody who was never aware of anything mysterious in life.
As Einstein himself said when he was dying that ,"The real way is to go within yourself and watch your own body from there,from the innermost of your being.Then it is a tremendous joy to see its functioning,its ticking".It is the greatest miracle that has happened in the universe.Everything else is less complicated than human body.So the real difference lies in realising our hidden potential which stored within body..Just we have to believe in ourselves and anybody could become Einstien and Goeth not from outer surface but from inner surface too.

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