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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Man Who Built Tomb For Himself

A man said he has built his own tomb after a vehicle ploughed into his home for the tenth time. Manfred Sedlazek, 59, built the house, which is on a bend of a busy road, himself but he said that although he is reluctant to move, it may be his only chance of survival.

Mr Sedlazek added: "If we stay, someone's eventually going to kill us. We're living in a time bomb."

Earlier this week, a 40-tonne truck blasted through the side of the red-brick house in the village of Karlshoefen, in northern Germany. Mr

Sedlazek returned home from shopping to find the shattered vehicle sticking out of his living room.

Police estimated the damage at more than 100,000 euros (£68,000).

Nine previous smashes into the two-storey building Mr Sedlazek shares with his wife have wrecked his kitchen, bedroom and garden, causing damage worth tens of thousands of euros.

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