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Friday, February 16, 2007

Art Of Banksy

Banksy who redefined "what is art?"By being iconoclast,even he become mythical hero among lot of people, has come out for street selling his art and made art accessible to those people who are unable to get it..Here.

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Twisted Eyes,Turning Heads,Numb Tongue

My fingers rubbed my eyelids as she was wabbling in my dreams but at last I awoke and when twisted my eyes I found everything in room have put on certain angle.I walked outside the room and again found my mother,father,servants,even my puppy's were seeing towards sky .
I wondered and asked but nobody replied.I got ready for going office when I went for my car ,for my amazement my driver too were seeing towards sky,I got irritated and ordered him drive carefully otherwise accident will occurred.
I:Even I saw on every pavement,people were seeing towards sky,hawkers,bus drivers,beggars,school kids.
Raju: who was my office peon when usually I reached office he gave me big smile and bow down but today he too was seeing in sky.
I:I asked,"Whats the matter Raju?" (Political Play)
Raju:Seeing towards sky,did not said a word.
Amit:With whom I talk whole day in office ,he too appeared silent and seeing towards sky.
I: I got puzzled and came out and watched towards sky but I did not found any mystery thing happening in sky,not any God dancing in sky.At last I went for watching tv news,Oh ! God,news anchor too was watching upwards..
As I was going to throw a stone on tv,I found something bold written below the picture"Entire Indian Nation will protest "Price Hike" in unique way by Twisting Eyes,Turning Heads Upwards,And Being Silent Whole Day".
P.S(Inflation went just double in a year from 3 to 6)

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Read it .Here

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