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Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Healing Power of Hado", by Toyoko Matsuzaki

The Healing Power of Hado", by Toyoko Matsuzaki

I really love books like this one that discuss the universal energy that flows around and between all living things.

Toyoko Matsuzaki helps her readers understand "hado" by asking simple questions...

..."Have you ever entered a room full of people and sensed the mood, without anyone saying a word?"

..."Or felt calm and lighter after receiving a warm hug from a friend when your spirits were down?"

"Hado is the life force found in everything."

Many people may not understand this energy or find that the topic seems contrary to their religious beliefs. However, if you ponder this topic and talk with your religious clergy, you may be surprised to find how closely this bonds to your beliefs.

Particularly in this book, Toyoko Matsuzaki relates many of her own beliefs to those basics many religions.

...her belief that there is a thin veil between this life and the next...that life does not end after this life...
"Further, the line between this world and the other is very thin...They (departed loved ones) are happy when we are happy and they share the sadness we feel and help us from the other world..."

...that there could be no such thing as reincarnation...that one life on this earth is enough for each of us to endure...
"I am often asked about reincarnation. I think it is too painful for each spirit to repeat the fate and sorrow of this world. Previous lives are our ancestors, and future lives are our offspring."

...that we each have a purpose in this life...each of us is important...
"If you are fully aware of the consequences of your conduct and behavior, you will realize how important it is to live your life to the fullest, regardless of success or failure, with a good heart and good intentions.

..."If a thousand people pray for the same thing with good will, the power of the prayer is magnified."

..."Nothing is stronger than love"

...She essentially believes in the idea of karma, i.e., doing to others or for others as you would like them to do to or for you.
"I firmly believe that what we call "karma" exists. Whatever you have done to others will return to you somehow, good or bad."

...that babies are unconditionally innocent...
"...I believe that babies, especially those who leave this world before starting to talk, go directly to God."
This author goes into great detail relating to the "hado" energy that different items release and how it affects the environment around you and I, along with stories for the readers to understand the energy better.

This "Hado Master" hones her powers of positive energy for healing and helping others and throughout this book empowers her readers to discover the benefits of the positive energy they possess.

An uplifting book, I give this book a very high rating for bringing another positive aspect to connect people throughout the world with the knowledge of the energy that we all share.

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