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Wednesday, January 17, 2007


How many of us get attracted towards ugly girl?In general ,we get attracted towards those things which is beautiful in appearance ,it could be flower,places,animals and people as well .So we can't say physical beauty does not matter if person 's heart is beautiful.Well,three girls came in my life one who was exceptionally beautiful and I fall in love with her ,there were in my class at that time more than 40 girls were there,why I did not get attracted towards those other girls?Contrary to this another girl which came in my life later after this one who was more beautiful than first one but I did not fall for her however she was mad for me,why this happened to me who thought physical beauty is primary in any love relationship?And third one who is neither ugly nor exceptional but her thoughts match mine her tastes match mine but again I never felt same feeling when I first fall in love,why?Love is blind everybody says and few people argue and give example of today's life where Internet love is on rise.In this love many times people do not see each other but they love each other due to knowing each other thoughts,likes and dislikes but in how many cases it worked after meeting in flesh blood?Nobody knows.A man who was talking with me said if man given opportunity he will always choose lotus rather than Cucumber.Well,I think physical beauty and emotional delicacy and mental depthness all play major role in love and other relationship. Its more individual matter rather general.Its as difficult as someone like sky and someone earth.Feeling what matters at last other things become secondary as life progress because beauty is not permanent but once you felt something for someone it never dies and only those people who cares for others feeling could go long in any relationship......

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