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Monday, March 26, 2007

Action Pads

Psfk group bought a load of these handy notebooks for all the attendees and speakers. "Designed for those with many ideas and lots of creative energy, the Action Method seeks to simplify project management and life." Basically, they've taken the regular old plain notebook and re-organized it in an intuitive manner to maximize your creative potential and get all those thoughts out of your head and on paper. Here.

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Oh! Lawrence

I love him reading his writings and poems are mesmerising as morning drop of water on our eyes.
"It was the flank of my wife
I touched with my hand, I clutched with my hand,
rising, new-awakened from the tomb!
It was the flank of my wife
whom I married years ago
at whose side I have lain for over a thousand nights
and all that previous while, she was I, she was I;
I touched her, it was I who touched and I who was touched."For exploring Lawrence.Here.

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Man Having Sex With Dead Deer"Prosecuted"

Wisconsin man who argued that he could not be prosecuted for having sex with a deer because the animal was dead at the time, was dealt a legal setback today when a judge rejected a motion seeking dismissal of a criminal charge against him. As a result of Circuit Court Judge Michael Lucci's ruling, defendant Bryan James Hathaway, 20, will have to stand trial for his alleged assault last month of the deer carcass. In his ruling (a copy of which you'll find below), Lucci denied a November 7 motion filed by Hathaway's lawyer, Fredric Anderson, which argued that the deer ceased being an animal upon its death (Hathaway, pictured at right, allegedly found the carcass in a roadside ditch). Anderson contended that a charge of sexual gratification with an animal could not be sustained because "the term 'animal' refers to a living organism, not a carcass." Lucci, however, noted that "most people understand that an animal does not necessarily cease being or qualifying as an animal or even being referred to as an animal once it's dead."Read more:

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