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Friday, March 2, 2007

Freedom At Height

Freedom is our fundamental right.No doubt,but ,I sometimes,ponder over this ,but how much and how far and to what extent we need freedom.There should be some limit for our freedom but then that would be freedom? Instead that would be disciplined freedom.I was talking with myself ,all of sudden I recalled one story in which one pigeon bore child.As that child of pigeon was very curious for everything in life so when mother pigeon went for collecting foods and other act and high fly as mixing in heart of sky,child pigeon too get excited by seeing her mother flying high but her mother always cautioned her child not fly high as her feather is still delicate and she would not able to fly high and long.But one day child pigeon thought if I do not fulfill my wish then what is meaning of my life,at least I should try ,she said to herself if I need something right now then I should go for it whether its achievable or not because ,fight for liking and fight for freedom is only thing which matter in life, as her mother went for collecting foods,child pigeon too went for fly,as she was flying ,she was feeling as heaven touches her soul,she was overjoyed of thrill ,excitement,madness,as she was getting high and high,she thought lets go in deep neck of sky,she fly like mad wind want to conquer whole sky but suddenly her feathers get over strained,she become directionless and don't know how to lower down and after few futile fighting minutes she lost her way and fall down .I wonder,if,we too not going in same unidirectional way as life by and large require some sort of boundaries in every sphere of life .But we still not able to know where our highest point is?Freedom of expression is individual concern but question again arise,are we become mature enough to understand everything?No,people who even don't understand alphabet if he too demand freedom and we as society gave him all kind of freedom then that would good for society at large?Instead we should literate whole planet first,gave everybody ample opportunity in basic things and then we should talk of freedom.I reached at conclusion is that Freedom and Democracy is best invention of man but we as society is still in process to take it and understand it.

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