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Friday, November 28, 2008

Mumbai Horror--Criminals are not born, they are made

Criminals are not born, they are made. What made him turn into a terrorist? Every question of this nature has only one answers - Injustice?I am myself constantly trying to understand this.

1) These 19 year-olds could have been brain-washed. In fact, in any army, many soldiers are brain-washed to "kill-kill-kill". Killing does not come naturally to ordinary soldiers.

2) So the question is, what motivates these brain-washers? A sense of injustice (rightly or wrongly) felt. They find brain-washing young 19 year-olds as an easy way out.

Sure, life is unjust. M.K. Gandhi fought injustice by peace, but did the British leave India because of M. K. Gandhi, or the Indian Army created by Subhash Chandra Bose, or a combination of the two?

The way we are going, I think a nuclear war is imminent, then radiation may kill half the world's population, then the world will come to it's senses for about then next 100 years or so, till it is forgotten. After that, history repeats itself.

What are the chances that a mad world leader with a terminal illness and an atomic bomb, will decide to order his brain-washed 19 year olds to use that bomb?

Or we find Mars or a new galaxy inhabitable, and migrate over there. Suddenly, the world will seem small to the material minded people, and we may live happily for the next 1000 years. People won't fight over galaxies, since there will be plenty to pick. Or even then, to keep up with the Jones, people will kill each other for percieved prized galaxies?

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