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Saturday, April 7, 2007

Lone Struggle

As Kiranjit Ahluwalia has faced such an animal behaviour and treatment from his husband it should be looked and noticed by society that these gender brutality must stop now at any cost,Jagmohan has brought this story on screen ,its good movie from social awarness point of view as far as making film technically superb is another matter which expert film reviwer will find out as this ToI journalist says in review here: "Based on the true story of Kiranjit Ahluwalia, who managed to find freedom, dignity and a life of her own after ending ten years of marital abuse with the drastic act of murdering her sleeping husband, Provoked draws its strength from two sources.

First, from the power of real life drama, where the facts itself are so gritty, you simply can’t go wrong with them.

A simple Punjabi girl leaves her village to end up as the wife of a Brit boy (Naveen Andrews), who not only likes a bit on the side but also fails to tame the beast within.

So much so, the beast rises ever so often and throws his pregnant wife down the stairs, holds the hot iron against her face and covers her body with black and blue bruises, whenever she dares to question his wild ways.

And when she is sufficiently provoked, she simply lights up his bed and ends up in the unfriendly prison environs.'
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Dalai lama Speaks

Few remarkable man who really speak truth and follow what he felt right is ,Dalai Lama is one of those rare man, he speaks with Karan Thapar "In a remarkably forthright and outspoken interview, the Dalai Lama also explains what he means by "high-level autonomy" and "real autonomy" for Tibet. "I want the Tibetan people to control all aspects of their life, except foreign affairs and defence," he says. He claims the present state of Tibet under the alleged Chinese autonomy is "the rule of terror".

"I think many visitors to Tibet, including many Chinese, can see that Tibet is actually ruled by terror, the rule of terror. The Tibetans should have the final authority, except foreign affairs and defence. The rest of the business Tibetans can handle even better, because they know the Tibetan mentality, Tibet's geographical situation," the Dalai Lama argues.

"That is the meaning (of the autonomy) I am seeking. At present, on paper there's autonomy, but in reality every key position is occupied by Chinese, who have no idea of the past events, of Tibetan culture or Tibetan habits or mentality. Of course, there's no question (of understanding) the value of Tibetan spirituality," he says.

The Dalai Lama claims that the Chinese, among themselves, have different and contrasting views of Tibetan history, but added that regardless of the past he has fully accepted that Tibet was a part of the People's Republic of China.

"The past is past. When the People's Liberation Army came to Tibet, according to legal experts, Tibet was a de facto independent nation. Therefore, we consider it an occupied land. But that doesn't mean we are seeking independence. Because the world is changing and the reality is changing. Tibet is a backward country, economically, materially. Therefore for our own interest as far as material development is concerned, we want to remain within the People's Republic of China," he says.

The Tibetan monk says there are signs of growing frustration among the Tibetan people, particularly the youth, both inside and outside of Tibet. "If they really want a different approach, they must show us, show the people, their system and their method. Step by step. It is not very clear," he says.

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Lovely Mistake

Teacher asked from their student.
Draw the shape of earth.
First student came and drawn it like egg.
Teacher;scolded him.
Another student came and he drawn it like haif moon.
Women teacher :went balasitic this time.
Third student :he came and just watched his women teacher.
Suddenly every student started seeing teacher as well but just below from face as third student has got right shape of his women teacher on blackboard.

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