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Wednesday, January 3, 2007


When,we share?When we get excited about something like getting highest marks in class,seeing mind blowing movies,seeing gorgeous girl,buying first car, getting first job etc.We want at that time someone with whom we can share our achievements,experience,mistakes because sharing is such a great pleasure.
What we share most in our whole lifetime?In childhood,I could recall,sharing beds,toys,foods,toothbrush,football
etc.In teen age ,when our senses start meandering between new found desire and physical discoveries,we start sharing these new discoveries like late night fantasies, naked body of aunties,few homosexual tendencies,touch of girls, running away from classes for playing school cricket or football,lyingabout eating outside etc.
In adult age,we went ballistic when we discover our total freedom in college campus.No parents,no probing neighbour,every bunch of youngster try to experiment everything under Sun that is possible like,fighting with teachers,prank in classes,proxy in classes,chasing the first girl,first puff of cigarettes,first date,first drink,first hangover,driving bike at 100 m/h,late night movies,wandering whole night,seeing naked roommates,lyingabout affair extra etc.
But sharing become less and less as age progress.In professional life we become much apprehensive,become sophisticated,we trust less on others due to cut throat competition and due to mischievous makers.
We almost kill our natural instinct in growing up..However,I still remember the moment when I shared my first puff with my friend. middle aged and older share I don't know because I am still under 30 so u can ask others who are above that they still retain their sharing passion or they killed all in the name of sophistaction.

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Out of 100 people,95 speaks lies , in different names by different justification.Some people says I have spoken lies because she could not listen truth that she is ugly ,or I have spoken liesbecause I have no options left or some says we have to be practical in life we cannot lit truth's torch while we know its not working anymore extra,extra.Some says it much easy to speak lies now because its just one Sms away and better than when we speak lies face- to -face which only actors could perform perfectly.
The recent research by Pollsters says same thing,they found that 'Techno treachery' was widespread with nearly 75% saying gadgets made it easier to fib.Just over half of respondents said using gadgets made them feel less guilty when telling a lie than doing it face-to-face.
The workplace was a favourite place for fibbing with 67% of the 1,487 respondents admitting they had lied at work.The top lie pretending to be ill(43%)followed by saying work had been completed when it had not23%.Worryingly for bosses 18% said they lied to hide a big mistake.But employers were not the only ones on the receiving end of disingenuous statements.
Just over 40% said they had lied to their family or partner.Key topics to lie about were,buying new cloths or the cost of them37%,how good someone looked in something35% how much they had eaten35% and drunk31% and how much women weight32%.
The survey found most people lies with the best intentions and to spare others feeling.

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