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Monday, June 23, 2008

'Human Mind'

It is essential to analyze the human mind with our own minds’. It seems apparent that this aspect poses as a negative variable to such a study, but don’t we know best as to what using the human mind is like? We most apt for carrying out self-examination, hence we are most suited to analyzing the dual nature of our own minds.

In his book called 'Human Mind', Professor Robert Winston added his thoughts on the tests in question and delivered his interpretation as such:

When a patient was asked orally ‘What job would you like to do?’, his reply was 'I want to be a technical artist' because he would be using the left side of his brain where his language centre would be located. When the patient was asked the same question in writing and asked to reply through Scrabble letters, he would form the words ‘car racer.’

Basically it was observed that the patient's right-brain had developed its own pleasures and desires. This then brings the question: "Do we all have dual-personalities in our brain? Does one of these sides survive without a language because it does not have a language center?"

Logic or Reason and Intuition or Emotion

As the word "dual" implies there are two components of the human mind, as there are also two hemispheres of the human brain. Many individuals have summed up a collaboration between these dualities. We have realized that our mental divisions consist of {logic or reason}, and {intuition or emotion}. Moreover our brain is divided into the left and right hemispheres. Studies conclude that when specific mental tests were carried out people who were more engaged in rational logical thought had more activity or domination in the left hemisphere of their brain.

Nevertheless, when experiencing strong emotions the right brain sparks more rapidly. There a many resources for study on this subject and results appear to be quite consistent. Indeed there seems to be a connection between mental/emotional states and the hemispheric dominance of brain wave activities. So it seems as though our brains' twofold structure relates directly to the dual nature of the human mind.

It's All About Hemispheric Dominance

Each one of these components appears to integrate into the minds of almost all human beings with variation on the possibility of combinations. This leads to an excess in human personalities, in part depending on the extent of hemispheric dominance. These combinations are separated into three distinct types of mixtures based on which part of the hemispheres dominates.

Most of us are dominated by either the left brain or the right brain, and only a minority are dual brained. Dual brained (Dual minded) people’s thought processes are dominated by neither hemisphere, but are evenly balanced between both hemispheres. We must take into consideration that we use both hemispheres commonly, thus the designation of dominance only measures where someone's brain activity occurs most successively, not exclusively.

This is very important because being left brain dominant, for example, does not mean someone uses only their left brain because it only means that left brain usage is higher than right brain usage.

The Types of Brain Dominance

The 3 types of brain dominance can be labelled as L-dominant, R-dominant, and D-dominant.

- L-dominant represents the Left-brain dominant individuals: Someone who is L-dominant has the personality type of someone who spends most of their mental energy on logic focused rational thought. The essence of their brain activity occurs in the left side of their brain and logic is their primary filter. Those on the far end of this type can sometimes seem cold or even emotionless.

- R-dominant represents Right-brain dominant individuals: On the other hand R-dominant personalities show more brain activities in the right hemisphere and mean that these type of people are more emotional. They usually look at life through the filter of their passions. Those at the extreme end of this personality type might sometimes seem too emotional or even irrational, most especially to the L-dominant.

- D-dominant represents Dual-brain dominant individuals: D-dominant individuals are people whose personality is made up of a balanced blend of both mental components. Their minds are dominated neither by logic, nor by emotions. Tests conclude these types of people use their brain hemispheres equally, and they view life through both logical and intuitive filters. D-dominants are hemispherically balanced.
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