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Monday, February 12, 2007

Defining The Politics

In college election instead of casting vote teachers decided they will organize a quiz contest, who will win the game will be President of College.
Teachers:Asked the first student Raj,please,define the politics.
Raj:when two political parities fight over NO ISSUE but it seems big issue for them.
Teachers: Ravi,what you think?.
Ravi:I think people or political parties who can paint any colour on his face as time demands,who twist and turn their thoughts more often than whether itself.
Teachers:And,whats your opinion Rakesh?.
Rakesh:He went towards Ravi and mumbled something in his ear and Ravi ran to catch Raj,Raj did not get what happened so he too started running as both were fighting..
Teachers:Hey ,Rakesh,what you said to them?.
Rakesh:Smiled! and said "I have defined the politics"..

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Dinosaur Flatulence

This is our innate nature that we try to justifiy our wrong doings and give some excuses for why some kind of problem happened because of that person or place or weakness.Here is in this series is Mr..Rohrabacher who says Global Warming maybe caused by Dinosaur Flatulence..

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Freshly Married

Some times we get into funny situations and we don't know what to do and suddenly something happens which touch our heart so beautifully that we never forget those funny moments...Here

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