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Interesting Findings And World Unfolding Through My Eyes.

Thursday, January 4, 2007


Earlier we judge people by how much he or she is forgiving,help full,kind,generous but now in modern time our parameters have changed a lot like first we see how much that particular person have a Bank balance that's general conception and second which is surprising for me that is, I found people who have big balance are more miserable than who have not much money to flaunt.Recently I have read about Warren Buffet who have donated $30 billion to the Bill Gates foundation,I thought ,is it common phenomena ?Or just few exception?
Well,recent study by Kathseen.D.Vohs unfold strikingly different results.Dr.Vohs who is psychologist ,in the University of Minnesota school of Management,found in one of several experiments,involving52 undergraduates, the students unscrambled sets of jumbled pharses.One group untangled pharses that were often about money like 'high a salary paying'.A second group solved word puzzles that did not refer to money.By "priming" unconscious thoughts in similar ways,the researchers found that students with money on their mind,while clearly self-reliant,were less likely than peers who had not been primed to lend assistance;twice as slow to help a confused student on word problem and about twice as cheap when asked to donate money.The researches say this effect of money is plainly evident in everyday life,Students with money do not give a moving party but people with big heart but less on money will open a party for all.It does not matter much whether person came from big family or small family.Personal attribute made little difference.Daughters of executive behave just like daughter of plumber.

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Sometimes I think of myself as a thing
not a human being at all
not even a toy simply a mere object for no one to own
but for many to control

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