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Friday, August 3, 2007

Adventure Of Guinea Pig

A guinea pig called Sooty enjoyed a night of passion with 24 females after fooling his way into their cage in south Wales.

Sooty wooed the lady guinea pigs, one by one, and has now become the proud father of 42 baby guinea pigs from his two nights of passion.

His endeavours left staff at Little Friend's Farm, Hopkinstown, Pontypridd, amazed at his stamina.

Park owner Carol Feehan, 42, said: "I'm sure a lot of men will be looking at Sooty with envy.

Sooty's babies
Sooty had two nights of passion
"We knew that Sooty had gone missing and we looked for him everywhere but never thought of checking the pen where we keep the females.

"We did a head count and found 25 guinea pigs - Sooty was fast asleep in the corner.

"He was absolutely shattered - we put him back in his cage and he slept for two days."

Staff at the farm park tourist attraction thought Sooty might have hit the jackpot, but it was not until 10 weeks later that his night of passion started bearing fruit.

The farm park - which is closed for the winter - is now trying to find homes for Sooty's brood of babies.

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Is Hypnosis for Anxiety and Depression Your Last Solution?

If you have suffered or are suffering from anxiety or depression, you already know that they are both very serious issues. The thing with anxiety and depression is that most people have a lot of difficulty finding an appropriate treatment that really helps them with their problem. Of course there are many treatments available for both conditions, but for some people these treatments just don't work. This is where Hypnosis for anxiety and depression comes into play.

Hypnosis for Anxiety and Depression, does it really work?

But first, what is anxiety?

Anxiety is a very serious condition where the sufferer experience feelings like:

- uncertainty - hesitation - fear - panic - and more

Most of the time the condition is context related. Some feel anxious when talking to people, other when talking in front of an audience. There are all kind if situation where people can feel anxious. Depression on the other hand is quite different.

On the other hand Depression is more related to a low self-image, for some it is the result of feelings of:

- sadness - Dejection - Worthlessness - And more

Anxiety and depression have become quite common in our current society, and very often sufferer from these types of conditions feels like there is no way out.

Hypnosis for anxiety and depression is something you should really consider if you are suffering from one of these conditions. The process is simple and very effective. Hypnosis for anxiety and depression is used to eliminate any negative feelings or memories that could be the cause of your problem.

Whether you are suffering from anxiety, depression or both, you need to remember that you are not alone. There are multiple solutions for you to feel better. You just need to find the treatment that is working for you. If you are considering hypnosis for anxiety and depression, you need to know that it is probably one of your best options. If you have been disappointed by other treatment you might be surprised by what can take place through hypnosis.

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Can You Survive in Space Without a Spacesuit?

In the new sci-fi film Sunshine, an astronaut named Mace must leave his spacecraft without a protective suit. He makes it through his exposure with only a case of frostbite. Could you really survive outer space without a suit?

Yes, for a very short time. The principle functions of a spacesuit are to create a pressurized, oxygenated atmosphere for astronauts, and to protect them from ultraviolet rays and extreme temperatures. Without it, a spacewalker would asphyxiate from the lack of breathable air and suffer from ebullism, in which a reduction in pressure causes the boiling point of bodily fluids to decrease below the body's normal temperature. Since it takes a bit of time for these things to kill you, it's possible to make it through a very quick stint in outer space.

At most, an astronaut without a suit would last about 15 seconds before losing conciousness from lack of oxygen. (That's how long it would take the body to use up the oxygen left in the blood.) Of course, on Earth, you could hold your breath for several minutes without passing out. But that's not going to help in a vacuum. In fact, attempting to hold your breath is a sure way to a quick death. To make it for even a few seconds, Sunshine's Mace must have expelled the air from his lungs before he ventured into the starry void. If he hadn't, the vacuum would have caused that oxygen to expand and rupture his lung tissue, forcing fatal air bubbles into his blood vessels, and ultimately his heart and brain. Scuba divers are also at risk for air embolism; they're instructed not to hold their breath as they ascend from the deep sea.

An astronaut who fell unconscious from lack of oxygen would last for a few minutes more before dying from asphyxiation or the effects of the pressure reduction. Ebullism would result in the formation of bubbles in the moisture found in the eyes, mouth, and skin tissue. One NASA test subject who survived a 1965 accident in which he was exposed to near-vacuum conditions felt the saliva on his tongue begin to boil before he lost consciousness after 14 seconds.

In the movie, Mace takes the precaution of wrapping himself in insulation torn from the walls of the spacecraft he's leaving. This might provide some protection against temperatures in space that can run from minus-200 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. It might also ward off ultraviolet-related skin damage during a short jump through space.

What about the frostbite? That's actually the least plausible result of Sunshine's suitless spacewalk. The cold wouldn't cause Mace too much harm in just 15 seconds, even if he encountered the very lowest temperatures in space. That's because heat leaves the body very slowly in a vacuum. The more likely damage would be a "space hickey"—caused from the swelling and bursting of the skin's small blood vessels—which would look more like the effects of freeze-drying a wart than a case of frostbite.

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The Last Supper

New claims that Leonardo da Vinci's The Last Supper contains a hidden image of a woman holding a child are provoking a storm of interest on the internet.

The figure allegedly appears when the 15th Century mural painting is superimposed with its mirror image, and both are made partially transparent.

The 'woman' leans across the group in Christ's direction...
According to Slavisa Pesci, an Italian amateur scholar, the resulting composite picture shows a figure clutching what appears to be a young child.

More cynical observers may conclude that the double-image is far too blurry and faded to draw such conclusions.

Mr Pesci, who revealed his "findings" last week, chose not to speculate on who the child could be, but internet conspiracy theorists have been quick to point out similarities to the plot of the bestseller The Da Vinci Code, in which Jesus married his follower, Mary Magdelene.

Leonardo da Vinci websites received millions of hits within hours of Mr Pesci's announcement, and at least four -,, and - were still down this morning due to the weight of traffic.

Mr Pesci also claims that the superimposed image shows a goblet in front of Jesus Christ - perhaps a depiction of his blessing of bread and wine - and transforms two of the people sitting at the table into knights.

... while on the other side two guests appear as knights
"I came across it by accident, from some of the details you can infer that we are not talking about chance but about a precise calculation," he said.

The Last Supper, one of the most famous and valuable paintings in the world, depicts the meal shortly before Christ's death when he announced to his disciples that one of them would betray him.

The long-haired figure who appears as a woman in Mr Pesci's double image is Philip, the figure wearing orange, third on Christ's left in the original.

The basis of The Da Vinci Code is that the feminine figure on Christ's immediate right was actually Mary Magdelene, not John as most scholars believe.

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Cat Discovered With Eyes Spray Painted Shut

A reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest of a person who officials said spray-painted a cat's eyes shut.

According to the Animal Protection and Rescue League, an employee at the San Diego City Attorney's office was leaving for work Wednesday morning when she discovered the spray-painted cat.

The lawyer, Kim Urie, said she was in the alley between Valle and Martin avenues near Memorial Community Park around 7:30 a.m. when she spotted the cat against a wall.
I was out with my dogs," Urie said. "I saw something wrong with the eyes. They were painted shut."

A can of spray paint was next to the animal, Urie said. She took the cat and the spray paint to work with her and called the county Department of Animal Services.

Animal Services director Dawn Danielson said officers with her agency picked up the cat around 1 p.m. from the City Attorney's Office.

"This sickening act of animal cruelty must be addressed on two levels. First, we must bring the person who committed this crime to justice," Kath Rogers of the APRL said in a press release. "Second, we must address the cause of the problem, which is that thousands of unwanted animals roam the streets every year when we do not spay and neuter our cats and dogs."

The APRL is offering a $500 reward in the case. You can contact them at 619-236-4250 or visit

Additionally, the San Diego Animal Advocates announced Thursday a reward offer of $1,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction for whoever was responsible for the abuse.

"The kitten is resting comfortably and ate ravenously, which is a good sign," said Danielson.

Anyone with information on this case is asked to contact the Department of Animal Services tip line at 619-767-2740.

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Is Sugar More Addictive Than Cocaine?

Although quantifying substance addiction is difficult, if the answer to this question turns out to be definitive and "yes," it's likely that few people will be surprised.

If you're short on time or too lazy to read papers or even abstracts, here's the money section of a paper published on PLoS by researchers at the University of Bordeaux in France:

[W]hen rats were allowed to choose mutually-exclusively between water sweetened with saccharin-an intense calorie-free sweetener-and intravenous cocaine-a highly addictive and harmful substance-the large majority of animals (94%) preferred the sweet taste of saccharin. The preference for saccharin was not attributable to its unnatural ability to induce sweetness without calories because the same preference was also observed with sucrose, a natural sugar. Finally, the preference for saccharin was not surmountable by increasing doses of cocaine and was observed despite either cocaine intoxication, sensitization or intake escalation-the latter being a hallmark of drug addiction.
Our findings clearly demonstrate that intense sweetness can surpass cocaine reward, even in drug-sensitized and -addicted individuals.

The paper is clear and instructive, and the researchers' methods leave little apparent room for questioning their findings. Good stuff, although I prefer a nice bowl of Cap'n Crunch or some blow.

An important limitation here is that rat brains are not human brains. Specifically, humans have the ability to know that something they're putting into themselves might get them "hooked" and that this might not be good; rats, presumably, neither know not care and are driven only by the sensations produced by behaviors. So, while people stripped of cognition and free of legal and other restraints might be inclined to attack a pile of candy bars as avidly as they would a mound of cocaine, studying rodents obviously yields an incomplete picture. Since sugar is perfectly legal while cocaine is not, the threat of legal consequences can be employed as a partial deterrent to using the latter but not the former, and sugar, for all its potential cavity-inducing and waistline-bloating havoc, is unquestionably a nutrient, whereas cocaine's benefits, even were it legal, are limited at best.

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