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Saturday, January 13, 2007


Recently when Bush went for attending mass rally,large section of masses opposed over Saddam issue.After reaching home in night when he was fast asleep,somebody knocked on his door,knock,knock!! .Bush asked who is this?
After dieing Saddam reappeared in Bush's dream that night.
Bush:Hey Man! what's up to now?.
Saddam:I want to drink your blood.
Bush:Why?Have you not become satisfied after drinking millions of Iraqi people's blood?
Saddam:No,because you are the only person on earth who drunk the maximum amount of people's blood,you use them and throw them.
Bush:Not true!
Saddam:I had reputation of brave king and I want that I should have remembered like that even after my death.So,let me drink your blood.Ha!Ha!Ha!.
Bush:Save me ! anybody save me! from this dictator,you died,yet,you did not forget your bad dictatorship attitude.
Saddam:Have you learnt anything from9/11?You think,you are emperor of world,can dictate anybody at anytime,ruin country,and no country even speak against you?
Bush: Not true,I fought for bringing peace and democracy in whole world.
Saddam:You fought only on other country shoulder,on their places and you fought only where your self interest lies.You even did not fullfill my last wish!So at surface level ,neither you changed nor I.So,let me drink your blood.Ha!Ha!Ha!

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