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Friday, April 6, 2007

Guess! Who?

Tony was talking with Tommy.Guess whom I'm talking of.
Ist Man:You are big lier than I as you told last night you will be sleeping but you were in night club dancing and God knows what more!
IInd Man:But you too lied and I have seen you in morning ,caming out from Radhabai's kotha everbody knows what happen there in night.
Ist:You are lier,shouted! (Politicial Play)
IInd Man;You are sex hunger and lier,you bloody fucker.
Tommy;Interrpreted these two people must be from college.Young boys.I guess!
Tommy:then these people must be somekind of road hanger who roam whole day and fight for no issue, they are stupid people.
Tony;again wrong.
Tony;These are two big politician from different parties who are oudoing eachother as election is nearing in UP.

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