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Friday, March 23, 2007

Bob Wolmer's Death And Match Fixing's Ghost

Match fixing in cricket first surfaced when Bob was coach of South Africa in 90s.Then from mute voice his name surfaced and disappeared but this time his sudden death has widen the mystery of match fixing more and more.Media is linking it from his death.And says:
"The theory that bookies are behind Woolmer's possible murder continues to gain currency. Former Pak fast bowler Sarfaraz Nawaz had earlier charged a betting ring with the crime. Now jailed don Babloo Shrivastava has said on TV that Dawood Ibrahim has staked about Rs 400 crore in cricket betting and could be involved in the crime. Reports in Pakistan claim that five bookmakers flew to the Windies prior to the World Cup in an attempt to fix games in Pakistan's group. They were supposedly targeting the game against Ireland and West Indies, both of which Pakistan lost. British tabloid Daily Mirror said detectives were trying to discover whether there were huge bets laid on Pakistan losing the game. "They have contacted the ex-Scotland yard boss, Lord Condon, who has probed cricket corruption, for advice," the newspaper said. Read More.

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Indian Is Near To Becoming "American Idol"

Indian are globalizing in real terms when Shilpa Shetty won Big Brother in Uk by Uk peoples vote and now an indian origin sanjay reached in top 11 of Americal idol championship.
"The success of Indian-American Sanjaya Malakar in the popular show American Idol has generated a lot of heat here with one of the judges threatening to quit if he wins the crown".
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Monk Who Got Sinless Kingdom

Somewhere in Himalaya lived a monk who was remembering god's name for day and night since more than ten years.
One day god came in front of him and asked"what do you want my child?why are you standing on one legs for more than ten years?".
Monk:God,I want to live where no sin exist where not a single people lie,where no cheating exist,where no enemy exist,where no greed exist,where no hypocrisy exist,where no violence exist,where no bad smell exist,where no dirty act happen to see etc..
God:Oh!so you want to go where sinless kingdom exist.
God:Ok.I'm giving you permission to go that kingdom.
Monk reached that kingdom.But....
Monk:when he reached there he found whoever he meets don't speak with him,not see towards him,whatever he says,nobody seems to interested in it.Monk felt as he was strangled or suffocated as he want to communicate and want to tell people how he reached there,how much hard work he did to reach but he found none to talk.At last he reached in a temple where he slept whole night.In night one man appeared in his dream and told the mystery of this place.
He Explaind:In this kingdom nobody have ear,eyes,nose,taste,tongue as all create some or other kind of sin so whoever came this place of sinless kingdom have to do so,to remove all senses.
Monk:Awoke suddenly after seeing that dream and asked God please send him back where he lived earlier on earth.
God:appeared,smiled and said ok.

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