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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Living Over Gossip

In dark room,Michael was sitting there as he lost something big.
Tom-- Hey,Michael,whats up?why are you sitting in dark room alone?.
Michael--I'm depressed because I got heavy loss in my business.
Tom---Oh I see ! but don't worry I have an idea for your problem.
Michael--What idea?
Tom--Meet me tomorrow at 8:AM sharp at 14th Avenue new link road.
Michael-- Next day waiting anxiously at that place but he found none.
Tom---Oh ,sorry for getting late.After gasping few breaths he mumble something in Michael's ear.
Michael---But .........
Tom-- Don't worry ,I will handle all only you do as I say.
All of sudden Tom start running as mad dog behind him ,he stopped when he reached at 25th floor of tower.
Tom-- Start screaming______Save me!Save me! from top of his voice.
Michael-- start screaming below the building save him ,save him..
In few minutes below the building mob gathered as something big happened.Somebody asked what happened and Michael mumbled...What this can't be possible..
Michael-- but it is true my friend has been kidnapped by Man From Mars...
Within few minutes this news circulated like fire and that place become full of media,TV channels,police etc.And everybody want bite for his channel or paper...
Michael-- That Man From Mars have two demand if we fulfill it then he will leave my friend..
His demand are...1.All war should stop from earth because these war culture exist on earth only.2.All discrimination should stop as it is the only planet where people behave according to colour ,cast,nationality.
All crew of print and tv channels wrote down their bite and Michael negotiated them for taking interview of Man From Mars in whopping Rs 1crores..
At night2:AM when every body was fast asleep Michael and Tom run away from that building...
Tom-- so how much we earn ?
Michael--1crores ,but I wonder how this whole world and people work,see, no tv channels verified whether I am speaking right or wrong ,every channel want his bite first for flashing news first for getting more TRPS,people start discussing it as everybody has seen Alien.
But Tom how did you get such a gossipy idea?
Tom--I have watched BIG BROTHER REALITY SHOW where controversy and gossip made them rich and famous so I thought lets try it on our dumb society...Haaaa

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Most Dangerous

Rocky---What is most dangerous weapon in world?
Peter--I think,nuclear weapon.
Rodham--I think ,chemical weapon.
Ankit--My wife's wet eyes.

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