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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Playing With Emotions?

I wrote yesterday about India's loss.Today I raid an article in outlook by Vinod Mehta he says its all marketers who are playing with our emotion via cricket .We should not think or feel as we have finished as a nation.But,his views are always one sided as he himself claims he doesn't like cricket so he said all people who are showing emotions are exaggerated,created by media.Is it so?It could be right at some time.But its natural when you expect something you also show emotions.Its not about cricket its more about attitude.Why,we fail and what manner we fail this should be looked in?Vinod also says we mostly loose so we must not get angry when we loss .Ha Ha.His general analysis of players is laughable.Whether sports is good or bad its matter of opinion but its attitude what matters in cricket or politics or journalism.We can't ignore it by saying its market who is playing with our emotion.If we look deep into Vinod's point of view and agree with it then you can also say market is playing with world politics and almost everything conceivable on earth in 21st centurary.
get no pleasure in reminding you that four weeks before our determined fifteen left for the Caribbean, I had lamented: "Am I the only one turned off by Indian cricket? I'd much rather relax watching an old film than see our boys wield the willow. The occasional fluke victory is all we can hope for. The team looks pedestrian and, frequently, pathetic. Sehwag is a shadow of himself, Tendulkar's brilliance is rare and awkward, Dravid is no longer the Wall, Pathan has lost his swing, Kumble seems ancient, Kaif can't make the eleven....
Duped by slick marketing and glitzy promos, the Indian fan finds reality hard to digest.
The boys are more in the news for fights, controversies and leaks, with Greg Chappell adding to the name-calling. Team India, above all, is a boring side; they may win occasionally, but losing is their natural style."For more

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