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Thursday, April 5, 2007

Analysing Dream

The Asian Age report interesting question and answers about dreams.
"Dr S. Nambi

QUESTION: I frequently dream that I have to take an important examination and I am not prepared for it. But I stopped my studies in 2002 and I am working with a bank. What does this dream indicate? I am 28.


ANALYSIS: Your dream indicates the constant underlying anxiety in you. Probably you may be an Anxiety Prone Personality and worried about future happenings. At present you are employed and do not have to face any examination. Even then the dream of examination is disturbing you. It is better to consult a professional to find ways to reduce your anxiety.

QUESTION: I have a persistent dream in which I am in a beautiful garden with wonderful trees. The garden seems to be without boundaries. Suddenly I jump and I am airborne. I experience a rapture which I cannot explain. I try to control the flight by making moving my hands and controlling my jumps. I finally control the flight and I see the tree canopy from different angles and heights. I wake up feeling happy. On certain nights, I am able to consciously control my jumps in my dreams. It is a beautiful sensation. But what does it mean?


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ANALYSIS: Your dream of living for some moments in a beautiful, serene atmosphere where you fly freely and enjoy life is your subconscious desire. Probably you are living with a lot of stress, pollution and problems without much freedom in reality. Hence you want to have an outlet, which may not be possible in real life. Your subconscious desire is fulfilled by your dream and your ego is satisfied.
For more:http://">‘i-jump-and-i-am-airborne’.aspx

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