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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Double Minded Captain And Minnows Long Jump

How strange it feel when we hear that elephant has been dancing on the tune of ant thats what happened with India when it beaten by minnows like Bangladesh .Bangladesh crushed India as lion crush deer,defeating in all departments batting,bowling and fielding.But,Rahul the double minded captain has also help them bit.Lets examine why Rahul has taken decision which he shouldn't take.Why he took batting as a first option while pitch was full of moisture?Maybe he took Bangladesh as a underdog and would have thought that they can't bowled out indian great batting line up.But,is it right frame of mind?If leader of team took opposition as lightly then what kind of approach would whole team take ,will take it lightly.Don't it?.Second thing why Viru is given more and more chance as a opener while we have Robin who had given good start in last 8 or 9 matches and those 6or 7 matches we won due to good start at the top so why so much faith on Viru who could play at the other places in lower down and we have Sachin and Gangualy as well for opener.Third thing,why Ajit as a opener bowler while we know its low scoring match and we should try those bowlers first who is more economical?And ,is Ajit is better in team composition than Pathan who can be costly like ajit but can bat as well.Fourth ,in past we have seen sehwag has given us breakthrough when we needed but Rahul brought him when match was almost gone why?Fifth blunder when 18 runs needed on 32 balls and 4 overs remaining of Munnaf and Zahir then why Rahul called Ajit for bowling while everybody know he is costly?These smaller mistakes have shown Dravid were not thinking clearly.His decision were like late movers he done but everything late.Maybe we won next two games and reach next round but Rahul must think openly with some out of box and strategic thinking otherwise ............

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