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Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Tasty Words!

Sunaesthesia,is a condition in which taste is driven by a word-are expected to experience this condition even before the word is spoken.This is find by Julia Simmer and Jamie Ward of the university of Edinburgh in scotland ran experiments between six synaestetes,who experience a sensation of taste when they speak,hear or read words.
By showing uncommon objects like platypus,that they had to name.The objective was to see when, exactly the taste kicked in as they grappled for words.
In more than 500 trials,89 sensations occurred,17 of which were anticipatory tastes,15 of these happened even though neither the word itself,nor its constituent letter,could be recalled.To check that,people were not faking the results,the researchers ran them through a surprise retest a year later.For example,one person said she tasted Tuna fish when she was about to name a pair of costanets,the next year,she reported self -same sensation.The word tastelink are probably caused by an esagg of normal neutral mechanism by which the brain link linguistic thought and sensory perception.

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