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Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Who is best host?This debate is going on in India over show of KBC or(Who Want To Be Millionaire).As we have seen few good host like Amitabh Bachhan in India and Oprah Winfrey in US who communicate so well that participants get bowled out.Here ,SRK is following Winfrey road...lets watch..

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Three man(Steve,Amit,Aslam) from three different countries met at the airport by default as all were good at imagination they talked to each other as they know each of them from ages...But by coincidence they found all three of them were going to Honolulu for respective reasons...
Steve--I am going there because my uncle who lives there become so overweight in last few years that when he sit on pot it broke into pieces 4times week...He needs me(I thought,American culture of fast food has multiplied this kind of situation)..
Amit--I am going there because my aunt lives there and she bore two child few months back ...She needs me...However,she is 70 now...(I thought,thats why India is overpopulated,no control even at 7o,Uhh)..
Aslam--But I am going there because I have seen OSAMA in my dream and he said I must go there as somepople are defaming my culture(Islam).....(I thought,This idiot fundamentalist who cant think above Osama)...
As three were chatting somebody has stolen their belongings and when they turn their head they found nothing remained and they still have to complete 300mils journey....Uh..But all were determine to reach at their destinations so they walked down on foots...
47-Maddy House South Avenue...
Steve--After checking address he knocked on door,one elderly man appeared with white beard..Yes..May I help you..
Suddenly Amit Appeared...Amit--Hey ,Steve what are you doing here?
Steve--Hey,whats up to you?.Amit..Steve--I am looking for my girlfriend Maddy..Amit--but u said u come here for seeing your uncle....
Amit---But Maddy is my girlfriend..
Then Aslam appeared...
Aslam ---what both of you doing here guys...This is my girlfriend Maddy's home...what?what?what?
Elder Man--For whom all of you fighting?Maddy that 80 year old women who is my wife....
Maddy--Maddy came out from home smiling.......Hi....Haaaa.(All three of them had only talked on phone and over Internet)..

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Grace is not My Middle Name

Check this article..

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