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Friday, February 9, 2007

Romance Of Fog And Wind

Dancing fog over the breast of wind as dancing peacock in electrifying rain.
In the happiness of meeting wind ,fog jump,run,smile,weep,shudder over the head of men
animal,over the back of the sea,on the toe of Himalaya,in city,over the building,over the roof,over the tree as she want to tell everybody and anybody that she become mad like passionate lover for kissing wind..
Wind too follow and run behind her as fog went from one place to another..
As Wind take tight hold of fog,fog feel helpless,happy,joyful,painful,sublime in the hold of wind
as wind provides her eternal release....
Sometimes ,wind wish,how beautiful it would be if fog live longer...
But ,Romance always have small period..

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Duplicate Mania

We have seen alot of movies where duplicate appears and act and even in some movies alot of duplicate like Matrix appered but could anybody imagine here, in one phenomena where people really feel or believe there is some duplicate of him exist..This is one term which is known as Capgras delusion, in this phenomena some people feel identity crises or fear of someone is his duplicate and replaced him in family,people who go such kind of crises always live in fear as someone or other person of his family or close friends has changed by duplicate who want to destroy all structure of life...Read Full..

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Mystrey Of Sweat

Read this interesting findings about sweat...

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Secret Is Not Secret

How strange and interesting when someone who speak his or her hidden truth in something unique way as this site produce some post card where people write about secret things which they don't dare to say or don't want to say openly..Read few..

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Laughing &Weeping

In the graveyard ,two souls were laughing and weeping one of Gandhiji and another Hitler's..Mine was just amid both of them.
I:I heared broken,crumbling,shuddering voice as someone weeping,yes,indeed,G was weeping,but why?
G:I went everywhere around India but did not find someone who is following single words of mine in action though in words alot of them..
H:He was laughing loud as he heared joke I asked him why he is laughing so loud then he said "I travelled around the world and found still I have millions of people who follow me in action not only in words"..

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