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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Fast Friends

Vivek,Rohit,Rishi and Santosh were four people and considerd to be great friends in hostel of college.
One Day.
Vivek: You know ,Rohit,what santosh has said about you last night?
Vivek:Santosh called you flirt and said you are eating out Rishi's girlfriend too and you are the most double minded and crooks who can do anything for own selfish reason even can decieve your father.
Rohit:I'm telling you vivek don't believe santosh.he is rascal himself.You know last night he went in Ravish room for what.He is bastard and gay .he is homosexual.
Somewhere Rishi and Santosh were talking.
Rishi:You know ,vivek has complained about you in maths classes's to madam Kalpana that you never attended her class and your proxy has done by somebody else and Kalpana is going to take disciplinary action against you who knows you would'nt able to sit in annual exam.
Santosh:This can't be happen.I know earlier vivek is like a girl ,do bad things behind me.
But you know Rishi has complained about you too to hostel warden that you were outside of the hostel till2night and he is angry who knows he will fire you from hostel.
All four friends were angry and searching for each other and they met in food canteen.They start growling,barking,fighting like mad dogs in night ...
Suddenly,tring,tring,tringggggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!! this was bell for morning walk for hostel students..
Rohit to Santosh,pressing his eyes,good morning my dearest best friend in world..Rishi to Vivek,you are my charming lucky friend,come on hold me...........

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