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Thursday, April 5, 2007

Yamraj In The Room Of Beggar

As every Indian know Yamraj who came for taking our life or can say Yamraj is symbolise the death of man.One day into the dark night when night was more dark than black itself,fearsome as hungry demon's mouth which shows deepness,darkness but no hope,at that night Yamraj too came to took over the life of beggar who never in his whole life been able to eat both times of meal.As Yamraj was going to take his life he asked "have you any last wish?As this is our custom to ask last wish of dieing man".Beggar said"yes".
Beggar:I want to die like king as I never been able to see good foods,good life,good cloths,beautiful wife,innumerable servants.So I want to experience it at least for one night.
Yamraj:Ok.I'm giving you one night of king.
Beggar:Suddenly found himself in the expensive cloths,wine bottles around him ,laying on large big rosy beds full of beautiful servants around him.His wife too came as gorgeous as moon itself.he was unable to comphrend that this is real not his dream.He started giving orders people around him.
At that time his mantri (minister of home)came and said some kind of problem happend which he has to sort out.
Meeting started.
One man:My dearest king!"I want to be beggar not rich man as peace is not with me.I'm fed with innumerable problmes ,insecurities,fear of dieing everyday .Second man:My dear King!"I want.......
In that way so many peoples came whole night and that beggar not been able to enjoy his Kinghood and night passed.Beggar thought of his peacful earlier life ...OH! Why I came here?
Yamraj:Came and took over beggar's life and this time that begger did not opposeed a bit...

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