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Sunday, December 24, 2006


Everybody were in good gossiping mood when we met after longtime on the eve of X-mas.How juicy gossip moves so quickly?,I observed.However,gossip has long been dismissed by researchers as little more than background noise, blather with no useful functions.I said " my dear friends,do you know?".Some researchers now found that gossip should be central to any study of group interaction.People find it irresistible for good reason.
Studies suggest gossip not only helps clarify and enforce the rule that keep people working well together,but it circulates crucial information about the behaviour of others that cannot be published in an office manual.As often as it sullies reputations,psychologist say,gossip offers a foothold for newcomers in a group and a safety net for group members who feel in danger of falling out.Few says gossiping also have a quality of poetry and creativity in it.What are gospels?Gossips about god.....So,enjoy X-mas with lot of gossip but it should be about truth,gossip about beauty,gossip about grace.Gossip about this wonderful world that surrounds us......
Happy X-mas

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