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Friday, February 23, 2007

Don't Let It Happen

Uncle Ravi asked his children Monu and Sonu..
Uncle Ravi:Tell me children,how to reduce noise pollution?
Monu:We should ban on excessive use of transport.We must aware and encourage people to use car,motorcycles etc only when its paramount and unavoidable.
Uncle Ravi:What your opinion,Sonu?
Sonu:Don't let two women sit together.

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Judging Individual's Intelligence

Issac Newton,Mozart,Fredrick Nietzsche,John Nash,Stephan Hawkins are few of many whom we may consider special one,in early childhood few showed nothing,few showed uneven inclination towards something not defined and we as society thought they are waste .It means by and large ,our education system has not been able to judge person who have some extraordinary quality.Then question arise,is our education system is fair enough to judge individual's intelligence?Ans is,categorically,no because never ever these institutions,or group of people,or religious institutions has been able to accept those people who were,are given something new to society,whether its idea,theory,vision.At first,we outcast them as fool,mad and when they died then we started recognizing those person 's intelligence when he gone by far away.My question is ,why our society and education system as a whole not in our country but other parts of country as well not been able to come up or cope with those person who are original thinker,or who see world beyond fixed rules.Why we want every student in his teens must be good at every subject, then school would consider him bright otherwise as failure.Ramanujan ,the great mathematician who faced the same problem and did not even able to get his degree because he always failed in history but always got 100 out of 100 in maths,not its pity,we try to generalise every individuals intelligence.Our education system uniformed and generalised all by saying you must be good at every subjects.I think,instead of saying I taught you.,teachers must be see themselves as informers they must say we informed you and now you can write answer in as many different way as possible ,student who would thought most differently we would consider them bright and best ,not those person who memorise all like parrot.Emphasis on original thinking...

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