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Saturday, March 24, 2007

India's Second Innings Loss

Amit verma says its not big thing or we can say its another match we lost so why we Indian fans are so chaotic and loud?I agree with him whenever India loses Indian fans react madly like a spoiled child but this time I will differ when he says its another day and another match.Why?We don't see same effort and planning as other teams do for fighting.When Indian were bowling they seemed in good rhythm but gradually they lost.Why all Indian batsman cant play singles and build his innings?See how Dilshan and Deseilva built their inning when their teams was on pressure by falling three early wickets.Why ?Gangulay needs or Dravid or Agarkar needs to play in air while all three were set and could build their innings till last.Ans is simple.Pressure.Whenever we get into that condition out of ten 8times we loss .Everybody would be remember India semifinal in 1996 or 1999super six match were we lost to Zimbabwe in second innings or recent in 2003 final when we lost in second innings.Moot question is we are as weak in pressure situation as ant in water.This is not defeat that worries me its how you defeat and why you get defeat in same manner for so long that's must be sorted out.We need a coach or man who can play a crucial role in changing the temperament of players.As once Murlidharn in interview with Shekhar Gupta has said "its not spin,not pitch its how much you build a pressure on a player that's win at last".So we need to work harder and harder to learn how to cope with pressure and how raise your game on big occasion.Learn from Australia.

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Five Senses And Soul

Eyes:I see world as beautiful baby and earth as its most gorgeous mother.Beauty is everything what matters for me.
Ear:I listen world as nice song and earth as its lyrical and soothing lyrics.Different rhythm and notes what matters for me.
Nose:I smell world as enlighten perfume and earth as its type of smell .For me everything is how that particular things is smelling nothing else matters.
Tongue:I think world as words without words their would be no world.Earth as its manifestation.How we or you speak is more important than anything else.
Touch Or Feel:World happened because of emotion or feeling and touch or when two people meets via body.So its all about touch that matters for me.
Suddenly voice came from inside.
Soul:Shut up you all! World is all about me, from me you came,from me earth came so of universe...All become stunned and silent.

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